Thunder Bay International Airports Authority

In early 2015, the Thunder Bay International Airports Authority engaged Trajectory to develop a vibrant new brand that articulated the airport’s essence of the value it delivers to the aviation industry and the many communities it serves. The third largest airport in Ontario serves approximately 1,000,000 passengers per year and has a unique dual role in serving both international passengers as well as those traveling to and from some of the most remote regions in Canada.

We led the development of a new strategic platform and worked closely with a steering committee comprised of Board members and community influencers to ensure it accurately captured the airport’s value in a meaningful way. This was brought to life with a new logo and identity system that tells the story of a forward-thinking airport that plays an integral role in its community and beyond. The new brand is already welcoming Thunder Bay’s many visitors with an exciting new “hello.”

The identity colours reflect the amethyst that is found in the region and blue to represent Thunder Bay’s location on the shores of Lake Superior. The related advertising platform developed would also allow smart and seamless partnerships inside the airport environment with its many community and corporate partners.


Brand strategy / Stakeholder engagement / Visual identity systems / Tactical communications and marketing


Generator (agency)