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As the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) approached its centennial anniversary in 2016, it recognized it was in dire need of a complete brand refresh. What had once been the “trade school on the hill” is now so much more. With world-class facilities that include cutting-edge simulators, labs, and “living classrooms,” strong international partnerships with organizations around the world, significant recent capital infrastructure investment and development, and course offerings that are extremely relevant and responsive to labour market changes, SAIT truly is a remarkable post-secondary institution.  

Trajectory worked with SAIT to engage thousands of staff, students, faculty, partners and alumni to establish a value proposition built around the ingenuity of “makers and shapers” that defines SAIT. We developed a new positioning and comprehensive brand strategy, including redefining their brand architecture, which then led to a dramatic visual identity make-over. Renowned for its action-based learning, solution-focused research and enterprising collaborations, the SAIT identity and story knits the SAIT experience into a dynamic whole. We brought the story to life through a full complement of video, publications and launch communications. In addition to recruitment advertising campaigns, since 2016 we’ve also developed specific sub-brand campaigns for various schools and programs.


Brand positioning / Qualitative research / Stakeholder engagement / Visual identity system / Guidelines / Tactical marketing and communications / Implementation planning / Recruitment advertising / Marketing and communications for specific programs

SAIT Tastemarket

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